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Cloud hosted Software as a Service (SaaS) scheduling & resource management systems for Public Safety, Clinical, Manufacturing and Service industries. Our flagship CallBack™ feature fills open work shifts in minutes . Automate tedious daily processes with our built in employee resource modules.


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Save manager time and ensure fairness and equability with your overtime / extra work shift distribution.

The CallBack Staffing system’s flagship “CallBack” feature automates the often tedious task of hiring back personnel for open shifts and daily staffing requirements. Our cloud hosted telecommunication system handles the mundane task of alerting, notifying and receiving employee responses to open shifts. Enact rules, filter employees by classification, apply union / labor contract rules and procedures, and more! If your managers are spending more than 5 minutes a day scheduling – you need to look into our system.

Employee scheduling with our Crew Scheduler allows quick access to your daily, weekly and monthly shift schedules. Easily sort days, filter by employee type, and more! Hover your mouse over a day and view all pertinent shift / employee info. Never before has shift scheduling been so easy.

Perfect for organizations that rely on scheduled shifts and resources (Fire Departments, Manufacturing, Clinical, EMS, Restaurants, etc). Quickly and efficiently schedule your employees from one central location. Drag and drop functionality allows you to quickly move employees around to fill open voids. Initiate a new CallBack from directly within the scheduler to fill shifts; track partial hours; overtime and more.

Create assignments, schedule employees in repeating shift patterns, color code day, label assignments (CPT, FF, etc) all within the Crew Scheduler.

The CallBack Staffing system is a highly advanced, ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) providing scheduling & employee resource management solutions to Public Safety and Service industries. As an SaaS, the entire application is hosted in the ‘Cloud’. This means all data, all hardware and all infastructure is hosted off site. There is no longer a need for expensive servers and local infastructure. Customers simply access the CallBack Staffing system via a secure (SSL) web browser connection. All data is processed to and from our servers with 256-bit encryption.

The entire system architecture is maintained, and supported, by our engineering team. The application can easily be ran on any modern web browser, which means the only thing your IT department will need to do is ensure the latest internet browsers are installed.Really – thats all!

Handling your daily staffing needs has never been easier. No longer do managers have to spend countless hours on the phone or in front of a spreadsheet trying to fill the right person in the right position. Union rules? Labor Contracts? Company policies? No problem. The CallBack Staffing system is designed from the ground up to adapt to most any staffing configuration and handle all hire-backs according to your rules! All while saving time and money.


 Over 11,000 employees rely on CallBack Staffing every day…

  • "Callback Staffing has greatly reduced the time that Battalion Chief’s were dedicating to calling back staff to fill vacancies. This has allowed them to concentrate on what the core of their job is, be a leader and commander! Callback Staffing has permitted our staff to make better use of their time and has made for consistent application of staffing rules."
    John Vance, Fire Chief Clay Fire Territory, IN
  • "...has developed a staffing solution that the fire service desperately needed at the right price. They work well with management, customizing the product to meet the needs of a dynamic department. The CallBack Staffing solution has really impacted our organization in a good way. The system reduces the time to fill open spots which allows our managers more time to focus on mission critical events."
    Damon Allen, Batallion Chief Sumter County Fire & EMS, FL
    loyal client
  • "Your service has come at a perfect time as the guys are very pleased with how well it is working, and it came at a time when we have reduced our staffing considerably, making continual staffing levels a challenge. Great job."
    John Muhr, Operations Chief Cathedral City Fire, CA
  • "CallBack Staffing is a full service system at an affordable price. The system has met and exceeded our needs and helped us meet our contractural obligations. The system is so affordable, large and small departments can use it to help with the complex scheduling that comes with running a fire and EMS department. The officers in my department love the time they save when scheduling personnel."
  • “CallbackStaffing has taken our complex workflows and call in schedules and created an easy to use system for our supervisors. The CallbackStaffing system allows our supervisors to be on the floor managing the issue instead of sitting in an office making call ins.”
    Greg Ackinclose, IT Manager, Appvion Inc
Modesto Fire (CA) uses CallBack Staffing for their daily staffing and<br /> employee notification needs.
Spokane Fire Dist # 8 (WA) uses CallBack Staffing<br /> to handle their daily full and part time <br />Fire / EMS scheduling needs.
Appvion, INC staffs their 24/7 wharehouse and manufacturing facilities with CallBack Staffing. Allowing the <br /> system to handle the complex employee resourcing needs.
Buffalo NY Fire Department uses <br />CallBack Staffing to manage their complex,<br />daily staffing needs for over 700 firefighters.
Credit Union Centre (CA) uses CallBack<br /> Staffing to staff their event arena<br /> for concerts, sporting events, and more.
MOM Brands® uses an enterprise level CallBack Staffing system <br />to staff their Cereal and food manufacturing facilities


Public Safety, Service Industries, Clinical, Manufacturing -

Advanced scheduling & resource management with integrated communications functionality to handle staffing communications via phone, text (SMS), alpha page, or email with customized rules processing that automatically handles hirebacks based on your organization’s union, CBA, policy, department, and payroll rules.

Scheduling & Automation

CallBack™ Feature fills shifts fast

Automate your workforce scheduling with our unique telecommunication platform. Employees are instantly notified and accept or deny open work shifts right away – all with minimal human interaction. Following your rules, the system is 100% fair & equitable – Cut time spent scheduling drastically. Automate time off, scheduling, trades and more!

Employee Resourcing

Instant employee access to scheduling tasks

Reduce paper work, errors, and improve employee satisfaction. Time-off requests, shift trading, vacation planning and sick leave requests are all handled within an automated system – all while giving you total control to adjust or modify based on unforeseen situations.


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